About the Brand: Origin & Intention

Drishti is a Sanskrit word that translates as ‘focused gaze’. In a literal sense, a drishti is a point in space to focus the gaze and attention, especially in yoga and meditation, to maintain balance and concentration. Just as a physical challenge requires focused concentration, so do the intentions we have for each day and throughout our lives. As a photographer I aim to create a space in which my clients feel comfortable enough to be their true selves. I have found that this results in a real connection between us as well as photos that capture the beautiful reality that is you! As an artist and individual I aim to offer my services and interact with others in a way that creates loving community and inspires others to do the same. My drishti is on the interconnectedness of all things, so that I may find what connects me to you and use it to bring the world one step closer to realizing unity.

About Me

My name is Janna and I'm here to create! I was born and raised in the Florida panhandle. I moved to Tallahassee in 2011 to further my education at the Florida State University. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in psychology in 2014. My experience there was a wonderful adventure that fueled a source of creativity in me. I’ve been playing with cameras since elementary school and have modeled for over 10 years on and off, including some international work, giving me experience on both sides of the camera.

I know the world contains unlimited beauty and I will experience as much of it as possible through travel, art, love, and my lens. I recently settled in Huntington Beach, CA. I'm looking to work with publications, brands, models, musicians, and anyone who finds that my creativity fits their needs! Click here to see pricing and contact information.

Published Works

"Castaway" for Rebel & Co. (PDF)

"Sunshine & Chelsea" for Last Daze